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August 22, 2016

The following rules and regulations are adopted by Valley Lawn Cemetery for mutual protection of Cemetery patrons, to facilitate care of the grounds and to ensure that the necessary aesthetics and decorum are maintained for the Cemetery.  All property owners and persons within the Cemetery, shall be subject to these rules and regulations, and such amendments and additions, which may be adopted from time to time by Valley Lawn Cemetery. 

The Valley Lawn Cemetery anticipates use of a variety of options for interment, and, insofar as is possible and except where the context indicates otherwise, all rules and regulations shall be construed to apply to all interments within the Cemetery. 

Valley Lawn Cemetery is an Endowment Care Cemetery.  It is funded solely through the purchase of gravesites and any money donated to it by interested patrons.  To donate, please contact Rose Memorial Parlour & Cremation Center at 970-249-4444 or visit Home Loan State Bank on S. Townsend in Montrose, where an account is set-up to receive donated funds.


  1. The superintendent and such other persons as Valley Lawn Cemetery may designate shall have charge of the grounds and buildings of the Cemetery and shall at all times have supervision and control of all persons in the Cemetery, and are empowered to enforce all rules and regulations of Valley Lawn Cemetery and may exclude from the Cemetery any person violating these rules and regulations. 
  2. Access to the Cemetery grounds by owners of interment sites or visitors shall be limited from dawn until dusk or such reasonable times as may be adopted by Valley Lawn Cemetery or the Superintendent. 
  3. Automobiles shall not be driven through the Cemetery at a greater speed than 15 mph.  Parking is limited to designated areas and blocking Cemetery roadways or driving or stopping out of the bounds of Cemetery roadways is not allowed. Driving on grass or parking on grass is strictly prohibited.


  1. Artificial flowers and wreaths are permitted only during the winter months (November-February) and Memorial Day.  They are not to be used during the summer months of March through October.  The rain, irrigation water and the sun create conditions that disintegrate dyes, acetates, and other chemicals and coloring, which results in unsightly stain of your memorials and causing extensive and expensive damage to the grass areas.  The Cemetery reserves the right to dispose of these items as it feels is necessary.
  2. Potted plants and floral baskets may be placed at the interment locations only on Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, Christmas and birthdays. Those availing themselves of this privilege must also remove the container within three days after the holiday.  After three days, The Cemetery may dispose of as it sees necessary.
  3. All toys, wire, glass jars, coffee and pottery or similar containers are prohibited as they cause constant litter, multiply maintenance costs, and through rust and breakage, the sharp edges create a safety hazard to the visitors, maintenance staff and equipment.


  1. The right to open and close all burial lots, crypts, and any and all other interment sites within the Cemetery, whether above ground or below, shall belong exclusively to Valley Lawn Cemetery. 
  2. Vaults shall be used in all underground interment sites.  Such vaults shall be made of polypropylene and must be provided by Valley Lawn Cemetery.  For burials not handled through Rose Memorial Parlour, your funeral director will assist you with the purchase. This includes burial of cremated remains. 
  3. Caskets made of materials, which, in the sole opinion of Valley Lawn Cemetery, will deteriorate, shall not be allowed to be interred in any interment site in the Cemetery. 
  4. Valley Lawn Cemetery shall not be responsible for any casket which is cracked, broken, or damaged. 
  5. No containers or ornaments of any kind shall be allowed within the Cemetery area.  Cut flowers are permitted subject to the right of Valley Lawn Cemetery to remove and dispose of the same for purposes of landscaping and maintenance. 
  6. Valley Lawn Cemetery shall be solely responsible for all care, landscaping and maintenance.  No private landscaping shall be allowed. 
  7. Interment sites intended for only a single entombment or burial shall be interred only with the body, or remains of the body, of the owner of record of the right to use the interment site as shown by the records of Valley Lawn Cemetery. 
  8. The owner of record of the right to any interment sites within the Cemetery which will allow for the occupancy of more than one urn or casket shall have the exclusive right to designate which other remains shall be interred in said interment sites along with those of the owner thereof.  Valley Lawn Cemetery shall not be liable to any relative or heir of the owner for interring or permitting an interment in any such interment site at the request or direction of the owner of the interment sites.  In the case of interment sites allowing for multiple occupancies, only the co-owners may designate which of the multiple sites is to be used first. 
  9. In the event that the ownership rights of interment sites allowing multiple occupancy are held in joint tenancy by two or more persons as joint tenants, each joint tenant has a vested right of interment if space is available.  Upon the death of a joint tenant, the ownership rights to the interment sites remaining held in joint tenancy immediately vest in the survivor(s) subject to the vested right of interment of the remains of a deceased joint tenant. 
  10. When there are several owners of the rights to an interment site or sites, they may designate one or more persons to represent the group and shall file written notice of such designation with Valley Lawn Cemetery.  In the absence of such notice, Valley Lawn is not liable to any owner for interring or permitting an interment in an interment site upon the request or direction of any of any co-owner or co-owners 
  11. No transfer or assignment of the rights to any interment site or interest therein shall be valid without proper conveyance and written notification to Valley Lawn Cemetery. 
  12. Valley Lawn Cemetery may fix a charge for any transfers of ownership rights in interment sites.  No transfer of ownership shall be complete or effective until such charge for transfer of ownership is paid to Valley Lawn Cemetery.  The present charge for transfer of ownership is $100.00. 
  13. All interments will be marked by a flat granite memorial.  A bronze face is recommended.  Only two markers per lot is allowed, assuming one is for cremated remains.  Adjoining lots may have a double marker or two single markers.  
  14. The right is reserved by Valley Lawn Cemetery to insist upon 48 hours notice before any interment, and at least a five day notice prior to any disinterment or removal. 
  15. Valley Lawn Cemetery may delay the time requested for an interment until a more expedient time if too many funerals or interments are requested at approximately the same time or if the interment is arranged too late in the day. 
  16. No disinterment from any interment site shall be made except on express permission of Valley Lawn Cemetery.  Every disinterment must be made at the time, in the manner and subject to the payment of such charges as fixed by Valley Lawn Cemetery.  Valley Lawn Cemetery shall not be responsible for any damage to any casket or urn incurred in disinterment and removal.  If family has requested to be present for disinterment, a release informing them of the possible emotional discomfort and possible long term effects of viewing this sometimes, visually uncomfortable process. 
  17. Interment in any interment site shall not be allowed until payment in full has been received by Valley Lawn Cemetery. 
  18. Valley Lawn Cemetery does not and will not finance any charges for lots purchased or any other fees associated with burial at the cemetery. 
  19. All management decisions, including, but not limited to, the operation, maintenance and restrictions on use, etc., shall be and remain the sole responsibility of Valley Lawn Cemetery. 
  20. Valley Lawn Cemetery hereby reserves the right to change any and all service fees in connection with the opening and closing of interment sites and lettering of memorial name plates and markers. 
  21. Valley Lawn Cemetery hereby reserves the right to change, alter, and amend the rules and regulations of the Cemetery at any time, and from time to time as deems appropriate, and reserves the sole power discretion to enforce all rules and regulation, and to exclude from the property violating the same. 
  22. Interment in the “Eco Garden” must be arranged through Rose Memorial Parlour, and will adhere to a separate set of “Rules and Regulations”.  These will be given to you at the time arrangements are made, by the funeral director. 
  23. Tampering with the irrigation system, pump house or retention pond, shall result in Valley Lawn Cemetery taking legal action against the patron responsible for doing so.  This could include anything from a lawsuit to the individual’s arrest.  
  24. In the event that your family’s memorial marker or the grounds surface where a burial has occurred becomes sunken in or unsightly due to natural occurrences, Valley Lawn Cemetery will take a “request to repair” from the patron that would like repairs done.  Valley Lawn Cemetery will then take the request for repair into consideration and do the repair as time permits, as well as funds become available to purchase materials and pay for the labor.  If the repairs are needed or requested to be expedited, a fee will be incurred.  After receiving payment, the repairs will be made within the requested timeframe, so long as it is within reason. 
  25. Immediately following an interment, the site will have a large mound of dirt on it, typically.  This mound will remain there as long as the Cemetery Authority sees fit, before any soil conditioning, seeding or other landscaping maintenance is performed.  The site must be allowed a period of time to settle.  This period of time will be determined based on many factors. No memorial markers will be placed until the grave has settled and the Cemetery Authority deems it appropriate.  Valley Lawn Cemetery will affix a temporary marker in the meantime. 

This document constitutes notice to purchased and prospective purchases of ownership rights in interment sites with Valley Lawn Cemetery, as they presently exist.


Many things change as time goes on and the same can be said for the regulation of memorials that are allowed for placement at Valley Lawn Cemetery.  Previously, only “bronze on granite” memorials were allowed.  That has changed.  However, the minimum size will remain the same.  The Eco Garden will have its own set of rules and regulations available only through Rose Memorial Parlour & Cremation Center’s “green burial” packages.  Those will be covered when making funeral arrangements at Rose Memorial Parlour. 

  1. The stone base shall be composed of granite.
  2. The granite base shall be a minimum of three (3) inches thick and shall be a minimum of 44” X 14” for a double marker and a minimum of “24 X 12” for a single marker. 
  3. The face is recommended to have bronze characters attached. The bronze face must be attached and mounted from the bottom side of the marker with brass rods, brass washers and brass nuts. The stone must be drilled so that the assembly can attach without the use of any adhesive or screws. 
  4. In the event a bronze face is attached previously to receiving the memorial, the bronze face must contain the warranty that the contents of the bronze assays as follows
    • Not less than 80% Copper
    • Not less than 5% Tin
    • Not more than 5% Zink
    • Not more than 2 1/2% Lead
    All other contents cannot exceed 1% of the material. The warranty of such bronze must come with each marker.
  5. In effort to assure uniformity of appearance at Valley Lawn Cemetery, only two markers are allowed per lot. In the event a casket burial and up to two cremains are placed in a single lot only two markers with all names may be placed on the lot.
  6. In order to assure uniformity of appearance and control the quality of markers placed, only the Superintendent of buildings and grounds of the Valley Lawn Cemetery shall receive, inspect and install the markers. An receiving and inspection fee of $100.00 will be charged. If the marker is purchased through Valley Lawn Cemetery, the inspection fee is waived. A setting fee of $250 will be assessed for an individual marker and $300 for a companion marker when installed by Valley Lawn Cemetery.
  7. Due to the rising water table that has caused the ground’s surface to become susceptible to shifting, a concrete pad is now required to support every piece of granite.  This provides additional support for the granite and will aid in the effort to keep markers just as they were installed.  Valley Lawn Cemetery staff will pour the concrete pads.  The cost for the concrete pad is $275 for single markers and $325 for companion markers.  
  8. Any memorials that deviate from these regulations, must be requested in writing to the Superintendent/Cemetery Authority and await a written approval from the Superintendent/Cemetery Authority.  
  9. Delivery of markers not ordered through Valley Lawn Cemetery must be coordinated with the Cemetery Authority and will take place at the time agreed upon and that time only.  Deliveries of markers will only take place at Valley Lawn Cemetery, and an inspection report will be given to the delivery driver.  Acceptance of delivery will only take place upon inspection approval.   Payments due to Valley Lawn Cemetery must have been made prior to this delivery.  Funds will not change hands at this time.  Payments can be made by contacting Rose Memorial Parlour at 970-249-4444 or coming in to the office at 505 S. 2nd St. in Montrose, CO.

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