Valley Lawn Cemetery was consecrated in the late 1950’s and was then known as Uncompahgre Memory Gardens.  It’s located just 1 mile south of Montrose and can be seen from historic US HWY 550 just to the west.  Sprawling over 8 acres, Valley Lawn Cemetery boasts breathtaking views of the San Juan Mountains to the south, and gorgeous Colorado mesas to the west.  In the summer months, lush, green and always freshly trimmed grass, make up the interment grounds.  Statues, flower beds and other landscaping features decorate throughout. 

Valley Lawn Cemetery Does not Charge Veterans for Grave Space

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Four sections divide the cemetery into burial gardens. Maps of  “The Garden of the Christus” and “The Garden of the Good Shepherd” are available online or at Rose Memorial Parlour, 505 S. Second St. in Downtown, Montrose, CO.  The newest sections are the “Memorial Garden” and the Western Slope’s first and only natural or “green” burial area, “The Eco Garden”.  No metals, glues or environmentally compromising materials are interred here and graves are hand dug by family members of the recently deceased or cemetery staff.  Contemporary metal and wooden caskets are replaced in The Eco Garden, by natural options, such as woven, willow “wicker” style coffins.  Traditional markers are replaced by a small stone, shrub or any approved eco-friendly plant to memorialize loved ones.


All sections of the cemetery still have premium burial space available.  Currently, over 3,500 people are interred at Valley Lawn Cemetery, and an abundance of available space remains. Graves can be purchased while making funeral arrangements at Rose Memorial Parlour after a loved has passed, or more conveniently, prior to death.  Many advantages come to those who choose to purchase cemetery property or make funeral arrangements prior to a death, such as: 

1.      Having the freedom of selecting plots that satisfy you personally.  Maybe there’s a shade tree you wish those who visit your place of rest can find comfort beneath?

2.     Lessening financial burden on those left behind.  During a time of heavy heart, following a death, we sometimes forget that finances can get tight.  Adjusting to the absence of a spouse or dependent financially, is difficult.  By having final expenses taken care of ahead of time, we enhance the possibility of loved to grieve our loss in a healthy, manageable manner.

3.     Being able to secure amount of graves necessary.  Purchasing a “family plot” (four or more graves typically), can guarantee space is available for family to remain close eternally.  In the event of an unexpected, or sudden death, freedom to inter a loved one close, gives us a comforting feeling.  As the population continues to increase, available cemetery ground will decrease.  Montrose County will see sharp increases in elderly deaths in the next ten years.  Making final decisions hastily is never easy.

4.     Costs will inevitably increase.  As the rate of inflation stands at about 2% nationally, the same can be said about cemetery property.  Increasing fuel, labor, insurance and other utility costs continue to rise, it is only natural to assume that cemetery costs will also have to increase, just to keep up.  Purchasing your plot ahead of time, gives you that financial peace of mind that certainly could be avoided in our final hours and following death.



Reserving cemetery space is easy.  Just give us a call at 970-249-4444 and our professional staff will walk you through everything. 

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